Thursday, July 10, 2014

Food Porn: How Sweet it is...Sweet Chick

Sweet Chick
164 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249
Located in Williamsburg

This is one of those restaurants that people rave about. We wanted to know for ourselves if the world has gone mad or if we were truly missing out. Siri told us that we have arrived at our final destination and it was a nice quaint location very reminiscent of the Lower East Side. We waited patiently for about a half and hour for a table that could accommodate our mini-food whore. Thank goodness for sweet potato puffs or we might not have made it.

We sat down and was greeted by our waitress who informed us of the daily specials. Did she just say buffalo chicken with blue cheese waffles?? What?!? (We had a Lil' John moment) we ordered our cocktails to take a little time to absorb all the wonderful food options. Note to selves: we must return because we want everything.


The cocktails were refreshing but we'll probably skip them next time around and opt for more food. Note to bartender, no one ever needs to drink Beefeater Gin. The cocktail above consisted of blueberries, elderflower, blackberries, ginger, and god awful beefeater gin. Put all those wonderful ingredients together and then you add the death blow. We swapped the gin with Brooklyn gin and we were back on track.

Now, let's get down to business. Decisions, decisions, decisions. According to everyone that walked by this place is the truth and worth the wait. We ordered the classic fried chicken & bacon cheddar waffles (there are tasty chunks of bacon baked into the waffle), buffalo chicken & blue cheese waffles, and house Mac-n-Cheese with a ritz cracker crust for the little one.

Our one main hang up would be that our food took about 40 minutes to arrive which was beyond excessive and the mini-food whore was starting to run out of steam. She expressed her frustration by banging loudly on the table with whatever she could get her hands on. It got so bad that she took to tapping the guests at the table behind us to ogle at their fried chicken. However, when the moment of truth happened upon us we were not disappointed and forgot all about the wait. The guest at the table behind us said it best, "this chicken is amazing." The pieces of chicken given were a little weird but it was so damn good that we would eat all of their chicken backs. We said mixed but again, the point we make is that if they only served the tips of chicken wings we would still take it. The buffalo chicken was covered in our favorite Frank's hot sauce so it was delicious. The waffle flavors were so pronounced and true to its name. You can taste all of the flavors. We must find our way back and eat through the extensive menu offerings.  They need a frequent eater's card. The Mac-n-Cheese was tasty but the noodles were far from al dente. Perhaps the chef knew that our mini-food whore was sans teeth and was cooking it to perfection just for her. The crust is what gives it a little texture but truth be told, we've had better.

All in all, we will be back very soon and often. This place is like a fat kids candy store but with chicken and so much more. Yes, it is that good. We haven't even made a dent in the menu YET. 

Stay tuned...
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Food Porn: The Farm on Adderly

The Farm on Adderley
1108 Cortelyou Road
Brooklyn, NY 11218
Located in Ditmas Park Brooklyn

Don't you just love it when you've been thinking about something and it suddenly appears. Well, we have been meaning to visit this restaurant for many moons and for whatever reason the food demons have prevented us. Well, we arrive at the prospect park bandshell promptly at 8 and died right at the entrance to the bandshell when we witnessed the line to enter our proverbial backyard. Who are all of these people and how dare they not miss the non-stop advertising of the Janelle Monae concert to Celebrate Brooklyn? 

We were so famished that we ventured back to Prospect Park West to seek nourishment. We use the term "nourishment" lightly as the only thing in sight is a good-old NY hot dog stand. We ordered a hot dog with mustard and a peach Snapple iced tea. It gave us just enough sustenance to cook up a plan. With hot dog on the breath we did what any hot-blooded attractive women would do. We found the first single guy in line walked over put our hands around his waist and said, "there you are honey". Gotta love NY. Next thing you know we are in and off to the beverage line to thank the Good Samaritan our "long lost beau" with a cocktail. Two Budweiser Lime-a-Rita's, a glass of Pinot Grigio and let the festivities begin.

Oh my, what do we spy? The food Gods are here to redeem us. The Farm on Adderley is offering a delightful snack for parkgoers and with a pretty price to boot. Janelle Monae is thumping out a tune, the crowd is vibrant and we are about to have another intimate food experience. We almost forget about the concert but it will be a lovely backdrop to our meal. We ordered the guerrilla fries and codcake sandwich. We might have been really hungry or the guerilla fries were that good because our plates were empty and we found ourselves back online ordering yet another order. Delish is all that is left to say. The codcake was seasoned just right on a soft potato bun with siracha mayo. The guerilla fries were seasoned with chili salt and was accompanied with life-destroying chilli-mayo. That is the only way to describe it. And if that wa not enough at the end of the concert we scored free sandwiches. Tonight was a very good night. 

Now we are even more determined to find out what The Farm on Adderley has to offer us once we get there. These tasty bites were very motivating. Stay tuned to find out more about their full menu. If it's anything like these teasers it's a must eat.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

FOOD PORN: Joloff: A Trip to Senegal

Joloff Restaurant
1168 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Located in Bedford Stuyvesant

The aesthetic was bright, comfy, and eclectic. The words shabby chic comes to mind. There were several pieces of furniture that we're certain could be found in our grandmother's home. Probably the reason we felt so comfortable. We went on a Monday afternoon because we had a mini food whore in training with us and her stroller is a force to be reckoned with in a crowded restaurant. Not to mention that it happens to be one of our B'days and we were in the mood for a specific type of cuisine. In other words, an excuse to eat out. We had the fortune of eating Senegalese food in the past and wanted to know if Joloff could hold a match to the mom pop walk-in restaurants in Harlem. After all, Brooklyn, we go hard!

First off, let's put it out there...they Do Not serve alcohol. Really? The Bissap (sorrel & hibiscus juice) and lemon ginger drinks were refreshing but, come on, we're adults. We ordered the fish pastels which were tasty but very fishy. A little lemon juice could've brightened them up a bit and eliminated the fishiness. It was a nice start to our meal; Unfortunately, we were a tad disappointed when our long awaited star dish arrived. Teibou Jean is a traditional Senegalese dish made with Joloff Rice, carrots, cabbage and baked fish. It was okay but we've definitely had better. We were underwhelmed and our taste buds wanted more. We can only hope that they were having an off day because many folks have raved about this dish. To say the least, if we never ate it again there would be no love lost. As luck would have it our curiosity or greediness got the best of us so we also ordered the dibbi (grilled lamb chops) and it was delicious as was the accompanying salad with a tangy citrus dressing. We could definitely eat it again but, probably to go.

We would not suggest skipping Joloff but there is no need to rush over either. Perhaps you should have a cocktail or two beforehand and who knows, it could be an entirely different experience.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Queen of Ratchet TV Returns: Love & Hip Hop ATLANTA

"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world."

- J.R.R. Tolkien

Say what you want about Mona Scott but, she is clicking her Louboutins all the way to the bank. Some may say that she is exploiting her own kind but as the old saying goes, "If you find an "Ass" ride it." We're interested to see the number of people that tuned in to see Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. No judgement because though we do not readily admit it, we were tuned in with drink in hand. The ratings were probably through the roof which means people are in denial. We are watching, everyone is but not all for the same reason. My Facebook feed was littered with commentary from men and women. You want to look away; you would like to change the channel but you don't. The bafoonery is just that entertaining or just that sad depends on your perspective.

Now to the heart of the matter, what are you willing to do for the all mighty dollar? If this show is any indication it seems like just about anything. Ms. Mona must pay really well. Who knew that the devil wears red bottoms too. Reality TV is becoming a really bad case of life imitating art. These shows are permeating the minds of our children who cannot necessarily make the distinction. Ever wonder who in their right mind grows up saying I want to be a stripper? Well, it will be on the hearts and minds of many young girls because the hoes are winning. We love Scandal. We are Gladiators and many of us would follow Shonda Rhimes to the pit of hell and back if that is where the next episode of Scandal was but, why can't a black woman be "The Good Wife"? Why, when there is a black family "Being Mary Jane" is willing to desecrate their marriage bed and end up on top? Yes, it is entertaining and we'll probably still tune in next week but at what cost? 

Really think about this: any show that has the line "you are madly in care with me" (dead...)  is nothing short of ignorance. We get it, ignorance is truly bliss and it pays well. Just be mindful of how much we indulge in the ratchetness. There needs to be a balance and right now the pendulum has swung all the way to ratchetville/thotland. Long gone are the days of "The Cosby Show" & "It's a Different World".

That's it! Our daughters will be unplugged. They will read paperback books. No iPads, Kindles or tablets. We can at the very least try. #prayforourdaughters.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Side Chick, Side Wife, GIRL, Get Your Life!

"Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul."

All points bulletin for the main girl. When and where have the idea of being the one and only disappear? There seems to be a lot of confusion lately. Cheating and side pieces have been going on probably as long as relationships have been in existence. This fact should not make it acceptable to glorify the girl on the side. Note that many men are okay with playing 2nd as well. Either way we need to put a stop to it. In a perfect world, your partner would be unable to coerce someone to play second fiddle. Unfortunately, this is not the case and women are desperately battling to be 3rd and even 4th. Why set the bar so high? 

Maybe it's just me but I long for the days when the sideline hoe knew her place. Thanks to reality and prime time tv the side-chick is mainstream and bucking for first place. But as the saying goes never turn a hoe into a housewife. By positioning yourself on the side means that that is exactly where you'll be...on the side. You are not next in line. You have your position which is to play the sideline and pick up the crumbs that fall off of his plate. However, if you have the misfortune of becoming #1 it is only because he has already lined up a #2 to fill your vacancy. It is a nasty cycle, one that I refuse to partake. 
Just know that you do not want to be considered a "THOT". Per the urban dictionary the word THOT is defined as a hoe. Thank you as we would be lost without the urban dictionary. We must stay on top of all the new urban vernacular.  

Note that many women have played second knowingly or unbeknownst to them. NO judgement but, you should regard yourself much higher than 2nd best. People will treat you the way you allow them to. Try it out. Make him work for it because you are worth the #1 slot. If the tables were turned the likelihood of a self-respecting man subjecting himself to the sideline is slim to none.

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