Friday, August 17, 2012

Everything tastes better with Sazon or does it?

105 Reade Street
New York, NY 10013
Located in TriBeca

So we are at birthday celebration number……… I don’t know, I have lost count for the essie in Kessie. We arrive to a festive environment that is swank and has a great bar. Every day is a celebration for us so let’s get the good times rolling cocktails all around. We start out with mango mojitos, and margaritas to get the party started. The waiter was flirty, warm and inviting in that sexy Latin way that we enjoy so much. The mojito among the best we have tried and the Margarita was a yummy island potion that was intoxicating. For our Aperitivos (appetizers) the assortment of Empanadas were very tasty; savory filling with a flaky crust. The place was filled with Island spice complete with a Salsa serenade if it is your birthday. It has the kind of energy that makes you want to dance with the people at other tables or feel as though you had been on an exotic vacation. When our Entrees came out they did not disappoint. The arroz con Pollo (rice and chicken) was delightful and the Pargo Entero (whole Snapper) was a show stopper. The presentation was amazing and flavorful to boot. Our favorite part was the Salsa dance party that came to the table singing and bringing chocolate molten cake and Guava cheesecake. Heck… it felt like my birthday too but I digress. The cake was sinful and delicious but the Guava cheesecake was the Queen of the show. I myself am not a fan of cheesecake but this was a masterpiece. Our visit to Sazon was a well needed Island getaway but the MOUSE that we saw in the dining room was an abrupt return to reality. The silver lining, the free Coffee patron shots is our new fave……

Will we rush back to Sazon...not so much...

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