Sunday, August 12, 2012

SoCo or NoGo

509 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Located in Fort Greene

We're getting the hang of this. Running late as usual but so is the entire dinner party which suits us just fine. Pre-dinner cocktails at the bar is great. OMG! There is a $5 margarita special! Someone must've called ahead and told them it's my birthday. YEAH ME! Drinks were not bad especially for the price. However, the hunt for the perfect margarita continues. The bartender is charming but a little fresh. Who are we kidding, that is exactly how we like them especially when he is picking up the tab.

What can be better than free drinks? A Pre-fixe menu for $25 for the ladies. (sorry fellas it's only for the estrogen species no testosterone allowed) The price includes a glass of rose moscato, choice of appetizers, entree, and dessert platter. We tried the F-que wings that are very tasty. We also sampled the SoJazzy salad with the fried goat cheese that is well executed.

Okay now on to the main course which We decided to try the infamous buttermilk fried chicken & red velvet waffles. Folks it is good as they say. (who the heck is they, we have no clue! Lol) the chicken is moist and tasty. The waffle taste much lighter than it looks which was a pleasant surprise. The Asian BBQ Baby Back Ribs with collard greens made us feel some type a way. But, nothing could've prepared us for the Mac & Cheese. All hail the chef at SoCo. I would give up my first born child and slap my mother just to get another crack at it. It is THAT GOOD!

Last but not least the dessert was just enough to suck down without regrets. Its a good thing we look good in spandex. (Don't judge us) Our waiter was pleasant & attentive. Women pay for this type of attention from a man. Oh wait, we are paying for it.

SoCo is Bueno and a must GO!

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