Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mangoseed - The Hidden Gem

757 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Located in Flatbush

Its official, we love our jobs! Who would've thought that fine dining could be had in the heart of Flatbush, Brooklyn. Well let us tell you now, it is possible. The hardest part is finding the restaurant sandwiched between a religious store & beauty salon. Once you enter the doors you are automatically transported into a modern, chic, Caribbean atmosphere very reminiscent of a posh Manhattan restaurant. Who says, Brooklyn does not have it all?

Our party of ten was quickly seated at a table in the rear. That's right, we brought reinforcement. Grandma Diva is along for the ride and if they can please even our toughest critic they have hit a home run. It was the tail-end of the brunch hour and our waiter patiently waited for us to make up our minds. We ordered our drinks and though they were bright and colorful they were a little lackluster. But, boy oh boy did the menu not disappoint. Dish after dish came out and we did not put our forks down until the very last bite. The one good thing about eating with family is that they're probably the only persons that will allow you to just jab your forks into their plate without pause or concern for their protest. Brunch turned into a family-style affair as we passed our plates around and stole precious bites the minute a plate was left unguarded. The food was that good. If we thought it appropriate to cheer out loud we would do just that. The jerk salmon had a robust flavor and was cooked to perfection. Paired with homemade waffles and you have an oral orgasm folks. (Yes, we know what we said)

But wait! There is so much more. Once we thoroughly cleaned our plates we noticed an influx of patrons walking to the back of the restaurant. Well, curiosity got the best of us once again. We strolled to the back through a door and stepped into Alice's Wonderland. What stood before us was a huge backyard with quaint tables that put you in mind of a tropical restaurant in the Caribbean minus the white sand beach. (You can't have everything)

The verdict is in...MangoSeed is Guilty as Sin for providing a wonderful fusion of Caribbean flavors! Give them a try and let us know your thoughts. We shouldn't be the only ones having all this fun.

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