Friday, July 19, 2013

Have your bacon, steam it and eat it too!

Alobar Restaurant
46-62 Vernon Blvd

  1. Long Island City, NY 11101
  2. Located in Hunter's Point

It has been far too long since we've graced this space. Alobar is an unexpected surprise in many ways. The atmosphere is looks very inviting and seems comfortable at first glance. The open kitchen is very attractive. Unfortunately, not just by the diners. Not sure if the open kitchen or perhaps swamp-like temperatures and no central air contributed to the infestation of gnats. But being the brave souls that we were and sheer laziness in opting for a change in venue we stayed the course. It sure helped that our waiter was just as hot as the establishment. 

Now on to the first course--maple bacon popcorn. Genius! Whoever thought this up is brilliant. Even the humidity and sweat running down our legs was not enough to dampen the delight of this savory treat. Now, if only they could package it and get it on the shelves. Next up is the crispy pork belly with sweet potato and a bed of greens with a sweet cherry glaze. It was just the right amount of pork and the sides complimented it well. The only complaint comes back to the constant swatting of gnats that were very persistent diners. But, who could blame them the food was delicious. 

Alas, the manager feels our pain and can visibly see the beads of sweat forming on our foreheads and offers us a dessert as an apathetic guesture. The only thing is that they picked up the tab for only one dessert. Are we not both sweating? Either way, the salted caramel bread pudding with chocolate chips was very tasty.

The burning question that remains is will we return? The answer is an emphatic YES. However, we wouldn't dare venture back until the cooler days of fall.
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