Monday, December 30, 2013

Bowling,'s all about the FOOD!

Brooklyn Bowl (Blue Ribbon)
61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249
Located in Williamsburg

So, we know what you are thinking, a bowling alley is a fine dining establishment? Trust us, the food that comes out of the Blue Ribbon kitchen cultivates followers that rival twitter. We arrive at the Bowling alley which doubles as a hip performance space with a line wrapped around the block.We don’t participate in the line because we are repeat offenders who are only there for the food. The door man, manager, and head of security all know us and that we just want to eat. It is buzzing with energy live entertainment, bowling lanes and the oasis of the restaurant all housed in a huge warehouse-setting.
We then give our name and cell number to the hostess who will call us when our table is ready. Yes it is a bit of a process but it is ooh so worth it when finally we are seated. We order two Classic Margaritas with salt on the rocks. The Margarita is a respectable classic but has no bells or whistles but it would appeal to a margarita purist. The handsome bartender doubles as our waiter because we are seated at the bar. There is only beer from The Brooklyn Brewery on tap in Brooklyn Bowl where the Brooklyn Food Whores frequent do you sense a common theme here?

We order BBQ wings as a starter it is served with the most amazing blue cheese dressing.  The wings are other worldly tender fall off the bone with a sauce that is the perfect blend of tangy, spicy and sweet. The Blue cheese dressing however, is so good it could be on the menu served with a side of wings.  Ok for our entrée we order the fried chicken with a side of Mac and cheese and Mash potatoes. I am fully aware that we have double chicken and double starch. It is justified because we are double the fun and guilt has no place at the table. The fried chicken is a hella good people come from far and wide for this fried chicken that has even been featured on the food network. The Mac And cheese is among the best I have ever had featuring the same decadent Blue cheese that the blue cheese dressing is made of (warning it comes out as hot as molten lava). The Mash is classic and perfect in every way, it is the perfect accompaniment to the chicken. 

We are appreciative for spandex, Lycra and spanx at this point because of course we are going to have dessert. The chocolate chip Bread pudding with Hot Fudge and Vanilla Ice Cream is a chocolate lover’s dream. This dessert is worth the drive, the line, the wait, and the reason why you would come to a bowling alley to eat.  The first bite is life-changing, you will experience euphoria-- total food porn!!!! You would think that this would be enough but no we cap it off with two Shots of Patron Café. Why you ask? Because Kessie is the definition of over the top. After this meal you will need a nap and two weeks of healthy living!!! Just know as you work out it was surely worth it.

Brooklyn Bowl is always a Strike. It is a sure fire dining must. We absolutely love this place and know that you will too.

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