Monday, December 30, 2013

Negril Village -- Welcome to Jamaica!

Negril Village
70 West 3rd Street
New York, NY 10012
Located in Greenwich Village

Ladies night is finally upon us and we ventured to the city to partake in Caribbean fare. We made a 7:30 reservation but apparently our table was being flown in from Jamaica. As we gnaw on the fake ginger lily floral arrangement at the hostess stand we're growing weaker with each passing second. What is the meaning of the word reservation? Possibly, it is a ploy to see just how long people are willing to wait. Boiling Point anyone?

Finally, after an hour wait the ladies wonderful new pumps were reminding us that a few rounds of strong, colorful cocktails & seats are definitely in order. Thankfully the shoe Gods were listening and we were escorted down the stairs to the lounge. It's a tad dark but very sleek and stylish. Only downside is that they may need to upgrade their air conditioning system because the lounge was warm & moist. That's a feeling that is not wanted outside of being on a tropical island or inside of a hot tub.

Thankfully the menu did not disappoint us. We started with the Negril sampler, jerk wings, and plantains. Oh wait they're out of plaintains. How? Why? Send someone around the corner to get some more. (Duh, problem solved) One thing for sure, they did not run out of alcohol & the bartender emptied the bar into our glasses. A little heavy-handed but who are we to complain. The entrees spilled out not too long afterwards. Oxtails, rasta pasta, and curry shrimp. Hmm, hmm good! The food was flavorful and our waiter was the icing on the cake. He was comical, helpful, and patient enough to deal with the likes of 6 hungry, slightly buzzed female diners.

The best part of eating in the downstairs lounge is stepping one feet away from your table to the dance floor to dance off all of the delicious calories you consumed. Ladies night was a hit and Negril did us well.

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