Saturday, December 14, 2013

Pies and Thighs, Oh My!

166 S 4th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Located in Williamsburg

Where to begin...pies and thighs will add pounds to your thighs but it is well worth it. Creating succulent fried chicken is a talent and the chef is masterful. Some may find it salty but we find it quite tasty, crispy, and juicy. So much so that a hush instantly fell over the table. Not a word was uttered until the very last bite. Hate to admit that we ordered several more pieces in addition to the chicken-n-biscuit with honey butter, fried catfish and waffle and Mac and cheese. True gluttony is flattery in its highest form. We threw caution to the wind (calories smalories...whose counting) and gave in to our inner fat girl. The hot sauce is really salty and delicious and we're certain it is a sodium bomb sure to raise your blood pressure. BUT, who cares when it tastes so good.

The fish is tasty and the cornmeal crust is a welcomed departure from the regular flour or breadcrumbs. It is heartier. Now speaking of hearty, the waffles are a wonderful buckwheat blend that really sticks to your ribs. Smothered chicken with honey butter biscuit is a delicious steal. It is very decadent and cheap to boot. The Mac and cheese is decent but there is nothing spectacular about it. We would get it again but we could also pass. (Very passive-aggressive 😎 shade) Now back to the food. Overall, this spot is now one of our favorite spots. It was worthy enough to bring us out of our food strike.

The atmosphere was very lively and our fellow patrons seemed just as enamored with the food as we were. The guests at the table seated next to us actually joined us as we did our fat girls about to eat dance. The back of restaurant appears as though it was once a carriage house. It is quite drafty on colder days but typically slightly quieter and more intimate. In any case, still not a deterrent. We just ate with our jackets on. We will not be denied.

The second best part of the meal was the sour cherry jelly donut and pie and the bourbon pecan pie which were all really, really good. We may have to reevaluate our relationship with them once we decide on how to handle our expanding waistlines. 

Our only disappointment would be that service is a bit slow. If you are unsure of what to order when the server arrives at your table good luck getting them to return to take your order. Not to mention trying to order anything else after the server took your initial order...fuhgedaboutit. Perhaps the servers are helping us with portion control. (Our grandmother must've called ahead) However, notwithstanding the lackluster service this restaurant is a must eat. They get two forks up!

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