Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hope Garage -- We have nothing but faith in HOPE.

Hope Garage
168 Hope Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Located in Williamsburg

In the word's of Brooklyn's very own Notorius B.I.G. "I got nothing but love for ya baby!" This song sums up our overall experience. Not sure why, but, we were surprised that Hope's Garage was an actual garage. However, the atmosphere was very inviting and has a "cool hang-out" kind of vibe. It doesn't hurt that they project movies, games, etc. onto a huge wall opposite the bar.

As we entered into the space we were warmly greeted by the hostess who was ever so helpful. She was very accommodating and eager to share the menu. We had one of our munchkins with us and wanted to be seated away from the door. All of our requests were met with pleasure. We ordered hot toddys and a round of Hope Lemonade. The drinks were very refreshing and a nice prelude to our meal.

In addition to being food whores we also happen to be food snobs. Nothing is ever simple with us. The donuts are pretty darn tasty but warrants another visit to really determine their star quality. The buffalo wings are good but the blue cheese fondue should come with a side of wings and not the other way around. The shrimp and chorizo skewers were very good but a little on the salty side, definitely not for the folks with high blood pressure. Chicken & Waffles for everyone with a twist. We added a slice of pork belly on top of the waffle coupled with the cinnamon butter...the TRUTH. The manager was so impressed with our addition to the dish that he made it his business to applaud our genius. We ended our meal with the warm apple tart with rum soaked cranberries. Its a party in our tummy, so yummy, so yummy. The only disappointment of the evening was probably the Mac and cheese which, had a flavor profile equivalent to meh. Other than that, our empty plates and sauce-stained hands everything else was finger-licking good.

We are very hopeful for this restaurant. We plan on having a very tawdry love affair.

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