Thursday, April 24, 2014

Foodies Unite With TABElog

37 Canal Street
New York, NY 10002
Located in the Lower East Side

We Foodies united this past Wednesday at SKAL on the lower east side for a judges panel meet & greet hosted by TABElog. We love Brooklyn but every now and then we find ourselves on the other side of the bridge. It's nice to come offline and mingle with other individuals that share our passion or obsession with food, fun, and life. The Stiletto Chronicles ( tagged along for the fun of it to make it an interesting night. Anytime you fill a room with bloggers you have to make sure that you bring your "A" game because the world will know. Cell phone cameras were clicking non-stop taking pictures of food, decor, and of course the occasional SELFIES both individual and groups. TABElog & SKAL did not disappoint and were well prepared for the onslaught of social media ninjas that came out to blog, tweet, post, and tag images, comments, and reviews. 

The passed hors d'ouevres consisted of oysters, mussels, candied heirloom carrots, pickled vegetables, salt cod croquettes, smoked mackerel, and beef carpaccio. The ingredients were so very fresh and the preparation really allowed the foods to shine. Normally, we'd shy away from beef carpaccio but it was the star this evening. The burst of citrus flavor just made the beef moo in our mouths. (Lol) if that was not enough just when we were about to depart the servers reappeared with homemade cinnamon donuts to swirl into a cream & caramel sauce. The donut puts us in mind of a Panamanian hojalda which taste a little bit like home. A great end to a good tasting. 

It was our first time stumbling upon the food of chef Ben Spiegel but, boy what a find. Great job TABElog! Couple the delicious meal with red & white wines being passed in abundance and bartenders whipping up refreshing berry & ginger infused cocktails mixed with vodka and gin and what you'll find is a recipe for success.

We will be venturing back to SKAL real soon to partake in the full menu and to see what else Chef Spiegel has in store. This event tickled our palettes and left us wanting more. A good food tease ~ could be a start to a tantalizing relationship.
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